YouTube Traffic Source – Give Your Audience Reason to Visit Your Website



No matter what niche of the site of yours, your traffic is the key to your success. There’s traffic, there’s money. No traffic, no money. As simple as that.

Traffic is health power for many businesses. Without it, your site will be useless. I am confident to say that Youtube is number one site for free traffic. Like it or not, it is very true on many occasions.

Most people like to watch the video, whether they play it on PC or mobile devices. But many online businesses are not up to make a decent video for their audience. They either don’t like to waste their time or they just want to cover their face behind the scene. Or, something else, you might think that creating video is a fancy business.

Actually, you don’t have to spend a single dime to make a catchy video for your audience. And you don’t have to appear in the front of the camera, really. There are many free ways to make a video like from Powerpoint, Windows Movie Maker, or more high-end software like Adobe Premiere. You can also actually hire someone to do it for five bucks and you will get the high-quality video ready to be published.

Using YouTube in the proper way will give your viewers something useful and good enough for them to return for watching or visiting your website. No matter what niche you are focusing, you need to be expert at it so that your audience will get back to you for fetching the information from your channel or site.

In your video, you will have the liberty to add your website link and encourage your audience to visit your site for further information. That’s why you can’t reveal the whole thing in your video.

Let’s take one example from Food Wishes Channel, a renowned recipe video channel on YouTube. We insert the video below.

https://www.<a href="" title="youtube">youtube</a>.com/watch?v=VCDXt8MAvYs

The creator of the video publishes such quality video with astonishing description. But some important information is missing. Can you guess what? The full recipes! Instead of explaining all the recipes and ingredients measurements in the description, he gives the link to his website which consists of the full recipes. He really nailed it to give the visitors a reason to visit his website.

You could use this method too to give the reason to visit your website. Also, keep in mind to use CTA or Call to Action at the end of the video. There is no point to give the good and reliable information without encouraging your visitors to get more of it. Add your website link, social media pages links, or anything you want to keep them engaged with you.