ways of making free money online advantage and disadvantage

free money

It’s undeniable that the Internet has been an important part of our lives. You can check your email, update your social networks, read newspaper, shop, connect with friends, and best of all, make free money! Yes, you heard it right; you can actually earn a few dollars online, and it’s not as complicated as you imagined it to be. In fact, even without an investment or website, you can still make it happen and we’re here to discuss that!

1. Paid to Click
This is probably the most famous way on how you can make free money online– no skills needed! Basically, in a PTC site, you’ll get ads listed there and you’ll get 5-10 ads daily. Most PTC sites pay around $0.001 to $0.01 per ad, and you have to see these ads for at least 5-30 seconds. Some people earn up to $0.04 per day viewing ads and if you can work on 10 PTC sites, you can actually earn $0.40 a day.

You’re probably thinking that it’s not really a good way to make money, right? Although you are probably right, you can actually make more through referrals and from here, the earnings will be great!

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, one of the drawbacks with PTC is that it doesn’t really pay a lot because of their business module. Basically, it’s designed in a way where advertisers would only pay less to promote their products and services, and for that, clickers get less, because the payment made by the advertisers would go to the PTC site, and so, only a percentage of it would be given to the clicker.

2. Complete Offers
There are websites that have offers where you can earn money by simply completing them. There are two types of this– free offers and paid offers.

Free offers are the ones where you don’t have to pay for anything at all. This includes signing up for a free survey site or service, and you’ll get paid by accomplishing the task. There are those that you’ll have to give your name and email address for you to get paid. With free offers, you cannot expect a lot of earnings, and the payment, usually ranges from $0.25 to $1.50. The good thing about this is that they’re quite easy to complete.

The other type is the paid offers. This is usually comprised of purchasing a product or signing up for a free credit card trial. You’ll be asked to give away some of your information, and you’ll also be asked to pay a certain fee. With paid offers, you can earn from $2-$10.

When completing offers, some websites would ask you to give your personal information– name, address, email address, income level, education, and even your phone number. This can be pretty risky as you’ll never know if these people will sell your details to others.

3. URL Shortener
With a URL shortening service or website, you can earn money by shortening URLs from various websites. The best part? Anyone can do this, because there aren’t any technical skills needed. Likewise, you don’t have to own a blog or website just to use this, but it can be a bonus if you have one.

Due to the fact that the destination landing page URL is not visible once you shorten the link, people will have no idea where they are going to land. That means, there’s always the risk of leading the audience to phishing sites, or those that pose security issues, such as those that auto-download malicious programs.

Another problem is that some URL shortening service is a scam in a sense that once you reach their minimum payout, you’ll get banned or your payment will be kept pending.

4. Online Surveys
Another increasingly popular way to make free money online would be through online surveys. Day by day, research companies are recruiting new members to answer surveys or test their products. For a couple of minutes, you can make as much as $5 per survey!

The annoying disadvantage of filling out surveys is that you’re always bound to getting spammed. A lot of surveys ask for your email address, and they’ll end up spamming you after awhile. Worse case scenario, they can even sell your information to spammers.

5. Paid to Promote
Paid to promote websites are websites that provide it’s members a link to promote, you can promote this link any where, you will get paid per 1000 link visits, earnings range from 0.1$ up to 1$ for 1000 visitors.

The paid to promote link may contain too many ads, and/or many pops, also, some links may have some harmful programs.

6. Review Music
For music lovers, there are websites where you’ll get paid by reviewing music. Basically, you’ll listen and rate new music by artists who need your feedback.

It can take awhile to build up your reputation in music websites, and your earnings would depend on it.