The Viable Free Easy Money in 2018



It is not a new thing anymore that everyone can make money online without the requirement of expertise. Even better, you can make money online free, without capital. All you need is the right opportunities to make money online.

Affiliate marketing

If your website has good traffic, it is a good move to join with affiliation program. You need to find a program which matches with your website niche since you already have the audience for it. Affiliate marketing can bring a lot of benefits without having to invest anything. You won’t need to create your product or services. All you need to do is just to promote the product or services and the creators will handle the rest. Whenever there’s a person purchase from your referral links, you will earn an enormous amount of commission. When it’s done right affiliate marketing can make you attain a lot of extra income online.

Google Adsense

We can’t overlook the fact that successful bloggers and website owners make a lot of money from Google Adsense. If your website has an enormous amount of traffic, you can get decent profits from it. Google Adsense, although there are a lot of other similar programs, is by far most viable ad programs to be applied. Millions of sites use the program. If you haven’t tried Google Adsense, you still have plenty of time to learn the basics and prepare your site to apply for the program.

Online surveys

For a much easier way to make money online, online surveys are also recommended because most of them are legit. Many companies need the results of the real survey without having to send their agents on the field to fetch the information. Rather, online surveys can bring much faster result. You will be able to earn few bucks from online surveys without doing anything but participating in the surveys. And the best of it, you won’t need to invest anything.


Freelancing is by far the best alternative for those who are enough with their 9-5 but still want to find a decent job based on their expertise. In order to start making money on the internet, you don’t really need to invest anything. You just need to work something that matches your set of skills. Graphic designer, writer, ad poster, voiceover, are just some of the expertise that is high in demand. Consider joining with freelancer marketplace to find the clients for you.

If you are interested in having extra income online, you can try the methods mentioned above. Who knows, it can be your main faucet of income.