basic info about making free money online for beginners

free money

How to make money online is a common question for the students/unemployed/people with no sufficient income/those who wants to earn some extra money.

There are many ways to make money online without/with investment. But, we will discuss only about the ways without investment, just spend your time to make money.

Another important thing is that for some types of online work you must have some technical/IT related knowledge i.e. for web/graphics designing or any software development works. But there are so many types of works can be done online without a vast knowledge about computer/IT.

You must have a computer/laptop and internet connection to do this type of works.

Let’s discuss about the various money making ideas through online.

One can earn money online by becoming a freelancer. As a freelancer, you can work from home for various companies by registering yourself with different types of works provider companies/websites like , , and many more. You can work as a web/graphics designer, web content writer or as SEO service provider. You will be paid according to the work and your skill.

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money online. You have to guide/help the customers to purchase the right/appropriate product for them through the online marketing companies like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. You have to sign up and promote the products of the companies. If you can invest a small, you can create your own website and earn through it in affiliate marketing. Good commissions will be provided to you by the companies on every purchase by your customers.

There are many companies/websites, such as:,, etc. that will pay you for doing online surveys. You have to complete the surveys (to provide your opinion/feedback) provided by them and you will be paid for this according to the length of the survey. It is a very interesting and easiest method for making money online.

Do you ever hear that by viewing/clicking/reading articles/advertisements, someone can earn? It’s not a joke, yes; you will be paid for the advertisements viewed by you from “Paid To Click”, shortly known as PTC sites such as: , ,  etc. You will also be able to earn by playing different games or watching videos through “Get Paid To”, shortly known as GPT sites such as:,, etc.

If you have the passion/hobby of photography/video shooting, you can earn money from YouTube by uploading your videos. The most important thing is that if your video/videos are extra ordinary/heart touching/something different and your luck is in your favor, your video/videos may become popular/viral, in that case you will get a huge opportunity to earn a lot. You may sell your images/photos online and can make money through the websites such as:,, etc.

If you have ideas/knowledge about stock market, you can earn money through online share/forex trading and you may take help of business related newspapers/magazines/television channels for gaining knowledge about the market.

You can also earn online by providing training/consultation online in which field you have sufficient knowledge and interest. The higher your followers/clients no are, the higher you will earn.

We have discussed various sources/ways of online money making but all are suggested to check the ratings/reviews of the companies/websites before registering yourself to do online works for them because many fake websites/companies are there who don’t pay properly.